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Dockside Accommodations

As a one-of-a-kind classic yacht, Linmar, offers a chance to step back in time and enjoy living on the water in style. This classic yacht, originally commissioned and built in New York Harbor has hosted many esteemed guests such as: the Rolling Stones, Elton John, and Heart. It has since retired to our sweet maritime town of Gig Harbor and is eager to be a part of your history. 

Experience 1930's elegance with the comfort of modern amenities. Lined with the finest linens, each stateroom will make you feel comfortable. The sleeping arrangements are as follows: One queen stateroom with an ensuite head, two queen staterooms, one bunk-bed stateroom, one stateroom with four bunk-beds and an ensuite head.



# of Staterooms (bedrooms)

# of Heads (bathrooms):

Amenities: Full galley (kitchen) with standard size  premium kitchen aid appliances - a double oven, dish washer, stove top, and microwave, a formal dining room with crystal glassware and china, as well as captain hats to fit the occasion






While an impressive 78', Linmar is still a boat with close quarters. Guests must be able to nimbly move around the space. 

Please pack accordingly - hard cased suit cases and luggage are NOT advised. Please bring duffle bags, backpacks, and the like.

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